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What is wrong with our Fem Dom Mpeg Videos?

  • They are unprofessional in finish and technique.
  • The lighting is poor.
  • The sound track leaves a little to be desired.
  • They are like watching someone's home movie.
True to life Fem Dom MPEG Videos.

What is good about our Fem Dom Mpeg Videos?

  • They are like watching someone's home movie.
  • You often feel like you are peeking at a real fem dom couple.
  • The content is totally unlike any you have seen masquerading as Fem-Dom elsewhere.
  • Like all our work, the action is domestic and believable.
  • Much of the 'action' is really taking place, not being acted.
  • The plots are credible and edited around the 'real action' later.
  • Christine is a great actress (and David doesn't need to do much acting *grin*)
  • They will play on all modern Phones, Tablets, Computers and home DVD Players.

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Duration 1 hour 5 minutes.


Annabel sends her slave to Ms. Christine for retraining. Ms Christine gives her slave girl the day off in order to devote herself to the pleasures of instilling discipline into her new toy. He is trained to be a maid and is used /abused intimately by Ms. Christine.

Opening interview. Foot kissing. Dressed in Maid's uniform, sent to clean bathroom. Mistress inspects work. Lots of spanking in the bathroom. Slave has to write lines in his cell in the evening, overhears his Mistress with another person in the adjoining bedroom, peeks. Mistress catches him and turns out the lights. Next day scene with Mistress in lingerie, detects slave erection. Evening Mistress imposes punishment session for all these faults in her bedroom. Afterwards slave is made to kiss her feet, and elsewhere as she masturbates. Then she ties him to his own bed in the slave cell. She sits on his face and puts elastic bands around his cock.


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The Caning:

Duration 21 minutes.


Upon completion of Stilletto, Ms Christine decided to administer a severe punishment to David for misbehaving during the making of the film. Tied to the bed and helpless he gets what he deserves.

This is a fairly severe punishment video in which Ms. Christine really punishes David. During the few days of filming Stiletto, David secretly masturbated to orgasm twice and thought he would get away with it, because Christine usually just wants to crash out after a filming session.

The rules at the time meant that, if caught, David would be due two hundred and twenty strokes of punishment. Thirty strokes for each instance of masturbation, plus eighty for each instance of unauthorised orgasm.


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Brought to Heel:

Duration 1 hour 18 minutes.


On a cruel whim Ms. Christine reduces her permanent slave to the status of a dog. Her initial amusement in the outside kennels is not sufficient to satisfy her sadistic desires. Ms. Christine trains him to do tricks and to walk to heel.

Supervised cleaning of dog kennels. Later reduced to dog beneath Mistress' desk. Up skirt shots. Taken into cellars for doggy training session. Ball fetching, walking to heel, feeding from dog bowl etcetera. Doggy punished for erection.

Later scene in bedroom has doggy consigned to rug under bed while Mistress masturbates above wearing shoulder length black gloves and red lingerie etc. Later still doggy is taught how to 'sniff' his Mistress and then doggy is punished for touching himself with his paws. Mistress leaves him with her glove to sniff.


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Waters of the Queen:

Duration 1 hour 8 minutes.

Caught in the act of breaching Ms. Christine's cardinal rule, the slave is taught that to behave like a toilet means being treated like one.


Opening scene slave washing lingerie caught sniffing knickers and playing with himself. Later scene Mistress makes him do press ups in front of her armchair. Mistress makes him turn over and sits on his face and masturbates herself to orgasm. Slaps his penis around for a while. Slave dismissed without orgasm.

Later scene slave is masturbated by Mistress. Slave is upside down against a wall with his head at floor level. Mistress stands astride his head and amuses herself with his genitals. Later she makes him come on his own face in this position.

Slave is polishing floor of wooden attic outside Mistress' bedroom. Hears moaning and peeks through keyhole. We get keyhole view and see Mistress pleasuring herself. Slave masturbates as she does. When he ejaculates she hears him and is angry. She makes him lick up his 'mess'. Then she punishes him while standing on his hands. Then she returns to finish her own pleasure while he is made to continue polishing the floor, only now with the polish cloth in his mouth. After Mistress has finished pleasing herself she makes the slave lay in the bath. There he stays for the rest of the day and is urinated upon, again and again.


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3gp 320x200 203 MB
Mp4 368x272 506 MB
Mp4 368x272 505 MB
wmv 368x270 603 MB

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Duration 1 hour 6 minutes.

Foot worship, boots, heels, anal worship, humiliation, depersonalisation and domestic service. The only punishment in this video is a very mild spanking.


Mistress arrives home, she uses her naked slave as her doormat and cleans her boots on his hair. Fido follows her into the dining room, where under the table Fido is ordered to finish the cleaning of her black kinky boots with his tongue.

Mistress prepares a large bowl of bread and water, mashes it with her booted feet, making her boots dirty once again. Fido is again made to lick the boots clean.

Later in the bathroom. Fido is in place, waiting for her on the floor. Having been in boots all day she declares that her feet are all sweaty. While sat on the toilet she makes Fido clean her sweaty feet with his tongue.

When the Mistress rises from the the toilet she declares that her bottom is dirty, and Fido is made to lick her clean there too.

Later Fido's face is used as a footstool. She lights a cigarette, and smokes elegantly. Mistress deliberately steps on the butt of her cigarette, and then she tells him to eat it. Then she makes him lick up the ash on the floor.

In the bedroom she puts doggy in the wardrobe, as she tells him she will be going out on a date with a "real man".

Returning home after her date she orders Fido out of his kennel and makes him clean up the mess where the real man spurted. She makes him clean her anus. Fido worships her crevice. He licks and probes deeply. She is moaning and sighing with the pleasure.

The next morning Fido becomes her personal maid. Unfortunately he cannot control his erection while assisting his Mistress to dress. He his put over her knee and spanked and when that fails too she laces him into a spiked penis corset. Ouch!!!!!


EUR/GBP/USD Instant Download US $60

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