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Mistress-slave Training Manuals by Ms. Christine.



Mistress-slave Training Manuals by Ms. Christine.

- Ms. Christine's Fem Dom Manuals. -

Parts One and Two

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The Fem Dom Manuals were originally written in 1986. They came about because at that time I had been living with David for some seven years. During which time he had written many essays for me to try and encourage me to be his perfect Mistress. I decided that what I had learned about David and other submissives in those seven years could well benefit other couples who come together to form either temporary or permanent dom-sub relationships.
While David and I communicate well with each other, it was clear that other couples found explaining their fantasies and needs more difficult.

Part one was such an instant success with our mailing list at that time, that we were inundated with letters for more along the same lines. We think you will find both parts realistic and sensible, and yet very erotic. Parts one and two have been re-edited and updated.

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As to charities I'm thinking that in these times of so many
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Sean Penn, the actor, has set up CORE to take action in Haiti
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Below I have posted links to donate to United Nations aid

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The Fem Dom manuals E-book (Parts 1 and 2) Instant Download US $22.50

(Also available, as Instantly Downloadable E Books, "Prickteasing" - David's first manual and "Games people play", his second, both of which have received eulogistic compliments. Instant Download US $15 each

The manuals are also available as Illustrated Web Books which run in your computer browser. (They work on Macs, Windows, and Linux PC's.)

"Fem Dom Manuals" - Graphical Web Book Instant Download US $64

"Prickteasing" Graphical Web Book Instant Download US $30

"Games People Play" Graphical Web Book Instant Download US $30

Read about the Spanish version of the Fem Dom Manuals Graphical Web Book

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Fem Dom Software for your computer.

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